About ” la petite crépue ” (the frizzy girl)

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Let me tell you the story of my shop !

Once upon a time a little girl  afro-descendant has born in the little town in France.  When she started her education, she was the only “black” girl in her class. And, she was upset because, the others pupils call her ” the black”. And she doesn’t understand why. Yes, in fact I am not black but I have a brown skin !! Mummy, I know the colors and I don’t know why they call me “the black”.

My mother met the director and they were agree that we would not call me any more t”he black”. Then, a day, a lady of service called out to me ” And, you  la petite crépue (the frizzy girl) ! ” . And later, this nickname stayed and followed me up to the middle school.

Now, you know how la petite crépue (the frizzy girl) was born !

When I was young, my mother was often knitting  with a hook. She was loving to dot tablecloths and place mat again and again. It reminds me  the sessions of dusting of trinkets put on this place mat every  Saturday morning. So, I begun to knit and sew : slings and cases. I had even the pink Barbie’s knitting machine  (today my daughters still play with it !!).  After, with my mother’s best friend, I begun to sew with a sewing machine. My most beautiful exploit: a red long dress with white motives with its matched scrunchie. I was so proud !!!

Then a beautiful day, I have made my adolescent crisis. I then abandoned the manual activities, too much lame, it were grandma’s things !!! 15 years after, I was pregnant for the first time. I have decided to knitt wollen slippers and caps for my daughters. Yes, my daughters. I expected for triplets !!! So, I took some lessons, and look some tutorials to learn again the bases of the knitting. And after, I did the same to learn sewing. And I bought my first sewing machine electronic.

I made some caps, headbands and ribbon customized for my daughters. And, one day, my husband has encouraged me to make know and to sell my creations. As a consequence, I have decided to open this e-shop with my nickname ” la petite crépue” (the frizzy girl).